Friday, July 16, 2010

Thoughts of the day!

BP Oil Leak

So yesterday brought the positive news that BP had finally capped the oil leak for the first time since April. My question now is why it took so long for BP to make this custom cap. While I do not know all the details, I know that it was only a matter of days for the installation of the cap and the oil to completely stop. It would make sense to me to have a cap ready for each drill site in operation just in case of another spill. That way the sill could be stopped within a week or two rather than months. Just a thought.

British Open

Rory McIlroy and John Daly had an unbelievable first round yesterday at the British Open. If both players are still in contention on Sunday, that would be an unbelievable final pairing. You would have Rory, a 21 year old, ranked in the top 10 in the world, who set or tied 2 course records this year so far (62 at Quail Hollow, 63 at the Old Course at St. Andrews) paired with John Daly. If you even remotely follow golf, you know about John Daly. Picture Rory and John walking down the 18th fairway. That would make for an entertaining Sunday.
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